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Although MS Word does not directly provide the function of bar code label design, but work with this online barcode generator or desktop version free barcode software, you can still use MS Word to design complex bar code labels, the label can contain one or multiple barcodes, QR Codes, text lines, pictures, etc. and it can be printed directly with common laser or inkjet printers, so you can make professional-level barcode labels without purchasing any software and equipment.


Example:  Make a shipping label like:

Step 1:  First use MS Word to make a blank grid, the grid line set to hidden, like below.

Step 2:  Enter the text which need to print on this label.

Step 3:  Go to this barcode generator site:  http://WordBarcode.com/

Make the barcode image, then right the barcode image, choose "Copy Image", then paste the above Word grid.


The above Word label template can be download at here:    Download


To simplify operation steps and improve work efficiency, we provide a free barcode software, it can automatic do the above job, just need to input one or more formulas to the Word's table, then this software will automatic change the formulas to barcodes.

  Our software can also work with MS Excel to design barcode label:

Step 1: Use MS Excel to design the label format, as below left side:

Step 2: Enter the barcode value to the cell which you need to has a barcode.

For example, in below left side, in the Word table cell, you need to have a barcode in it, the barcode number is "DGG0902-7896HB/7896HC",  we just need to enter a formula in this cell which is "Barcode(DGG0902-7896HB/7896HC)", when run our Word Barcode Maker program, the program will change the formula to a barcode, as which show in the below right side.


  The screen of our barcode label design program  which can collaborate with Excel.


This software support the professional barcode printer and the common office use laser / inkjet printer, you can print barcode to sticker label paper, or Avery 5160, 5161, 5162, etc. label paper, or just print to common A4, B5 paper.



 Download From CNET


  If you need to over print a barcode on existing forms, shipping labels, invoices, reports, etc. Our Free Barcode Generator

can satisfy your requirement, just need a few quick mouse motions to set the print position, you can print barcodes on

any existing forms.


Just need to set two parameters to define the

barcode's printing location:

Top Margin

Left Margin


Another way is print a group barcode labels in Avery sticker paper or other label paper,

then cut down the barcode label, and paste to the existing forms.


This barcode software also has lots function which can help you to make your work easy and high efficiency.

EasierSoft Free Barcode Generator is a wieldy and permanent free bar code label printing software.

It has a unique function: you can print barcode label on ordinary A4 paper with a laser or inkjet printer for office use, the effect will be better if the sticky label paper such as Avery label paper are applied, and it also support the professional barcode printer.

The 2nd unique function of this barcode software is that the complex barcode label can be manufactured with the cooperative work between this barcode software and MS Excel or Word.

A lot of contents are contained in some bar code labels such as shipping label, including shipping address, supplier information, the company’s LOGO, etc.

In the past, the professional bar code label design software are used to design and manufacture this kind of labels, but these software are expensive and complex.

Now, EasierSoft Barcode Generator provides you a free and simple solution --- designing and manufacturing this kind of bar code labels with MS Excel or Word.

Because most of the people are skillful at applying Excel or Word, so it is not necessary to learn those complex and professional bar code label design software.

Excel and Word are feasible, and its document format editing and printing function are very strong, use them to design barcode label is easy.

The complex and exquisite label template can be manufactured with Excel or Word.

Then, the bar code can be inserted into these templates with Barcode Generator software, and therefore, the professional bar code labels are output. With this barcode printing software, both expensive bar code printer and professional label design software are unnecessary, and the bar code labels can be manufactured with the existing office resources.

EasierSoft Barcode Generator almost supports all 1D and 2D bar code formats, such as EAN-13, Code 39, Code 128, and QR Code, etc.

This barcode software is designed for ordinary people, any one can rapidly master it without training.

This barcode software supports large batch of bar code labels’ input and print. It requires you to input the contents of the hundreds of thousands of labels at one time, instead of one by one, then, bar code labels are printed with batches.

The contents of bar code labels can also be input in Excel in advance, then, it can be link to the barcode generator software, and bar code labels are printed with batches.

It makes your job more simple and more efficient. It can also generate a series of serial number bar code automatically.

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To print barcode to professional barcode printer, such as Zebra, TEC, etc. you need to install the Windows edition driver.